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Compensation for Ford Roof-Crush Fatality

The strength of a vehicle’s roof structure and support pillars is vital in a rollover accident. The roof withstanding the weight of the vehicle is key to its passengers surviving the wreck. Rollover accidents already have a higher rate of victim deaths than other kinds of crashes (35%: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), even when the roof properly protects passengers. If the roof contains a defect, it can crush inward – often causing fatalities.

If you lost a loved one in a Ford roof-crush incident, we understand how much is at stake. At Butler Prather LLP LLP, we can help you and your family understand why the tragedy occurred and who may be liable for your damages. We can fight hard for maximum compensation for the incident on your behalf.

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Why Do Ford Roof-Crush Incidents Happen?

It is not normal for a Ford truck’s roof to crush inward in a rollover accident. While the roof will likely sustain damage, its structure and support beams should remain intact and perform as reasonably expected to protect vehicle occupants. If your loved one died in a rollover accident because the roof of his or her Ford vehicle caved in, he or she was likely the victim of a known product defect with many Ford models.

Our lawyers have been working on cases against Ford for fatal roof-crush incidents for years. We understand why roof crush happens during rollover accidents with Ford vehicles – because of a serious roof design defect. Our research and the information we gathered from previous trials against Ford has shown us that Ford intentionally designed weaker roof systems to decrease the overall weight of its trucks, including the F-Series and Super Duty pickup trucks. Despite knowing the roof would not safely hold the weight of the large truck in a rollover accident, Ford debuted its trucks as-is.

We believe Ford Motor Company should be held accountable for the gross negligence that led to thousands of defective trucks intentionally being given to consumers. We help clients bring product liability, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against Ford for roof-crush incidents in pursuit of fair compensation for their damages. While we know a monetary award will not take back the devastating loss you suffered in your family, we hope it can at least give you more hope for the future.

Compensation May Be Available

A successful wrongful death case against Ford Motor Co. for its defective vehicles and a fatal roof-crush accident could result in payment for your family’s economic and noneconomic losses. This may include medical bills leading up to the time of death, reasonable burial and funeral expenses, loss of consortium, mental anguish, property repairs, and legal fees. It can also serve to hold Ford accountable for the death and push for safety changes on an institutional level.

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