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Ford Roof Crush and Auto Defect Attorney

Several of Ford’s most popular trucks, including its Super Duty and F-Series models, contain serious roof defects that can cause passenger injuries and deaths in rollover accidents. At Butler Prather LLP, we believe Ford Motor Company has failed to ensure the reasonable safety of its customers and responded inadequately to reports of tragic related accidents.

Our attorneys can help you fight against Ford for continuing to ignore the known dangers of its vehicles. If you were injured or a loved one was killed due to a Ford vehicle defect, please contact us today to discuss your case. Our product liability lawyers can help your family pursue fair compensation for Ford’s negligence. Start your case with a free consultation with an attorney by calling (866) 615-8140.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a reputation for being heavy hitters with auto defect cases. We are aggressive and passionate about holding manufacturers accountable for their negligence.
  • We have helped clients recover for their injuries and damages against all types of defendants since our firm’s foundation in 1988. Our lawyers have set records for verdicts awarded and settlements collected.
  • We feel at home in a courtroom and always prepare our cases as if they are going to trial. We are confident in our lawyers’ abilities against the biggest and best defense teams.
  • We have proven our ability to go up against powerful vehicle manufacturers and win.
  • We accept Ford defect lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. Our product liability lawyers only charge fees for their services when they win their cases. Otherwise, you will pay $0 for services rendered.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Lawsuits against Ford in the past have proven the company’s reluctance to take accountability for its defective vehicles, as well as its willingness to resort to tactics such as willfully violating multiple court orders to escape liability. Butler Prather LLP handled a case against Ford in which the company used this tactic with the apparent intent to achieve a mistrial verdict. Hiring a lawyer can help you level the playing field and have a fighting chance to win your product liability claim against Ford Motor Company.

Using an attorney to represent your defective Ford claim can also benefit you in terms of the knowledge and resources you can gain from having a law office in your corner. Having a full-service law firm supporting your claim can come with advantages such as litigation experience, connections to top experts in the field, crash reconstruction capabilities and personalized services from a lead attorney – all of which can strengthen your claim to monetary damages.

How Much Will a Lawyer Cost?

Do not let the fear of steep attorney’s fees be the reason you compromise your case by not hiring a lawyer to represent you. Retaining a Ford defects attorney will be worth every penny when he or she obtains an award that is much higher than you could have achieved alone. At Butler Prather LLP, however, we take an extra step to make legal services even more affordable. We represent clients using a contingency fee payment arrangement, with no fees for our services unless we win.

With our contingency-fee based service, first, you will pay $0 upfront to retain us. We will help you with the costs of your medical expenses, property repairs, vehicle rentals and legal services while you focus on healing. At the conclusion of your case, we will assess fees based on whether we won or lost. We never charge clients for cases we lose, meaning you will owe us $0 if we fail in obtaining you a financial award. If we do win your case, we will charge our fee as a percentage of the award won. That way, you can always afford our services, since you never pay out of your own pocket.

Which Ford Models Have Defects?

All Ford Super Duty trucks  (F250s, F350s, F450s) model years 1999 through 2016 are indisputably defective, with dangerously weak roofs that will crush down on the occupants’ heads in a rollover, causing death or severe injury. Any Ford F150 prior to model year 2009 also has a dangerously weak roof.

Cases of fatal roof crush incidents have involved defective roof designs on the Ford Super Duty F-250 pickup trucks and Super Duty F-350 pickup trucks. Research demonstrates, however, that many of Ford’s other models could have dangerously weak roofing systems as well. Ford Motor Company has been negligent in responding to complaints and reported customer injuries, in our opinion, leading to thousands of defective trucks still on the road.

Why Do These Defects Occur in Ford Models?

The extremely powerful engines in many Ford trucks lead to a heavy body and a tall cab that lifts the center of gravity high up. To counteract the tall cab, lower the center of gravity and decrease the overall weight of its trucks, Ford Motor Company decided to remove materials from the roof structure and its support pillars. While doing so achieved Ford’s goals to reduce truck weight and decrease the risk of rollover accidents, it had the opposite effect on roof structure safety. It weakened the roof to the point of it failing computer safety tests.

Records now show that despite failing the tests, Ford further weakened its roof systems to save more money on production costs. Ford also negligently did not choose to install protective devices to make up for the weakened roof, such as a rollover-activated safety canopy or curtain airbags. Ford then allowed the trucks to go to consumers, fully aware the roofs would not withstand the weight of the vehicle in a rollover crash. We believe the law should hold Ford Motor Co. responsible for knowingly weakening its trucks’ roof systems to a dangerous level before releasing them to consumers.

How Have These Defects Impacted Owners?

Despite Ford Motor Co. maintaining that its trucks are safe for drivers and that roof crush incidents only happen in “extraordinary circumstances,” people have died because of Ford’s defective truck roofs. For example, Butler Prather LLP litigated one case in 2014 for Melvin and Voncile Hill, two victims who passed away when their 2002 Ford Super Duty F-250 Crew Cab truck’s roof collapsed. During our lawsuit, Ford admitted to facing more than 170 lawsuits for rollover accidents involving roof-crush incidents.

Dozens of other unsuspecting Ford truck owners have also suffered serious injuries and died in roof-crush rollover accidents. The dangerously weak roof systems jeopardize driver and passenger safety in rollover collisions. Many reports have concluded that had the roof system been stronger on the Ford trucks, deceased passengers would likely have survived their rollovers. Ford’s solution for those impacted by weak roofs was to design stronger roofs for their 2004 and 2006 pickups; however, their older models remain dangerously unsafe.

Who Is Liable for These Defects?

The product liability lawyers at Butler Prather LLP believe Ford Motor Company should be liable for the dangerous defects it allowed its trucks to contain. We believe in holding major automakers responsible for accidents, injuries and deaths their defective vehicles cause. We know litigation is often the most effective way to motivate change on an institutional level in the transportation industry and are not afraid of going up against Ford Motor Co. in court.

You may have a case against Ford for its defective vehicles on the basis of strict product liability, negligence or breach of warranty. A strict liability claim holds that the vehicle contained a defect that caused your injuries. If your lawyer can prove this to be true, it will not be necessary to further prove Ford’s negligence. The existence of a dangerous defect that caused your injuries will be enough to make you eligible for compensation.

A negligence claim, on the other hand, requires your attorney to prove that Ford was negligent or careless in releasing a defective vehicle. Negligence can refer to any action or omission on the manufacturer’s part that ultimately contributed to your injuries, such as Ford ignoring safety test results and knowingly distributing trucks with weak roofs. A breach of warranty claim would assert that Ford failed to fulfill the promises it made to its customers concerning the quality of its vehicles, such as the implied guarantee in the company’s slogan: “Built Tough.”

Contact Us Today

If you were recently injured or a loved one died in a rollover accident in a Ford truck, find out if you have grounds for a claim against Ford Motor Company for a roof defect. If the roof caved in when the truck rolled over, you or your family may be able to pursue compensation from the automaker’s insurance company for damages. A compensatory award could make up for several losses.

  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Lost income
  • Legal expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disabilities
  • Lost quality of life

The lawyers at Butler Prather LLP may be able to help you obtain fair compensation as your legal representatives. Learn more about Ford vehicle defects and related product liability claims today during a free consultation. Call (866) 615-8140 or contact us to request a meeting.


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